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Contractual Research Organization
Center for Toxicological & Pharmacological Testing

(Ministry of Environment & Forests)
Reg.No.922/ac/05 CPCSEA
TOXINDIA is a Contractual Research Organization based in Pune. (Maharashtra - India), The Industrial, research & Academic Hub of 21st century India.

With International standards & practices in place the lab has acquired the most preferred status among its clients when it comes to the Toxicological services it has on offer.
The rich experience, diversified clients has put us in prime slot for Contractual Research activity.

In response to meet the needs & the demands of the present day globalized world, we the top brains in different aspects of Toxicology Introducing one more opportunity & get your work done at the earliest.

Our main thrust would be towards Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Agriculture & Environmental pollutant testing facility in India & abroad.


'Toxicology' is an age old science which includes mainly ‘study of poisons’ and today with time it is studied for efficacy of the test article on the Biological system with special emphasis on the harmful effects. After generating the data on the biological systems it is extrapolated for the safety on the human.

We also give R&D backup as wet lab.

We offer our services to following product lines

A wide range of toxicological studies are being undertaken as per national and International guidelines. The safety levels of various chemicals are established through experimentation on animals as models of human biochemical, physiological and pathological responses.

  • Drugs & Pharmaceuticals.
  • Packaging materials for drugs, food and farm products.
  • Agrochemicals (pesticides and insecticides, Fertilizers)
  • Food - General / Nutritional products, Vegetable etc.
  • Soaps & Detergents.
  • Medical devices (Syringes, Catheters, Blood transfusion sets, gauzes, gloves, sutures, etc.)
  • Cosmetics & alide Products.
  • Wastes & Wastes Waters.
  • Chemical & Minerals.
  • Dyes and Dye intermediates
  • Herbal & Ayurvedic Products.
  • Plastic & Rubber Products.
  • Health Monitoring Studies.
  • Toxicity Studies.
  • Adhesives
  • Personal care products
  • Toys, crayons and devices meant for children
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