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  • Acute Toxicity Tests

Acute studies are short term exposure studies. It includes the other factors such as sex, species, strain, age, diet, nutritional status, general health conditions, animal husbandry, experimental procedure, route of administration, stress, dosage and formulation etc.

Acute studies are conducted for the purpose of determining LD50 of a test substance. But LD50 is not absolute biological constant to be equated.

LD50 : It is the killing power of highly toxic substance and obtain safe dose from lethal.

The adverse effects occurring in a short time of administration of a single dose/ multiple doses given within 24 hours.

Types of Acute Testing :

  • Acute oral test.
  • Acute dermal test.
  • Acute inhalation test.
  • Acute skin irritation test.
  • Acute eye irritation test.
  • Acute pre-neonatal test.
  • Acute neonatal test.
  • Acute dermal contact sensitization test.
  • Acute phytotoxicity test.
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