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  • Short-term
  • Sub-chronic
  • Chronic Studies

These are repeated dose toxicity studies screen potential adverse effects of the chemical on lab animals. Repeated dose studies may vary and termed as follows with respect to their exposure

  • 1-4 weeks :- short-term studies
  • 3 months :- Sub-chronic studies
  • 6-12 months :- chronic studies.


Objectives of short term studies

  • Determines adverse effects at lowest conc., which allows max. no. of survival of animals.
  • Determines adverse effects over longer exposure.
  • Determines dose response to identify NOAEL.

Objectives of Sub-chronic studies :

  • Determines adverse effects not detected in short term studies.
  • Identify observed effect of level & NOAEL.
  • Provide data for dose selection for chronic toxicity.
  • Identify the target organ /site of action.
  • Data extrapolation to humans.
  • Provide data for regulatory agencies.
  • Provide risk assessment data.
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